Is Forever Enough?…

[Lullaby by Dixie Chicks]

We all have several moments throughout the day when we wish with all our might that we could literally stretch time. 

What can we really fit into a single moment?

“…Life began when I saw your face…”


Well, let’s see.  I have learned that in one minute, I can:

strip a bed covered in poo, strip a child covered in poo, start a load of laundry, and run a bath in the middle of the night without ever fully waking up

speed-dial a 14-digit telephone number to Afghanistan 3 times before I get a connection to wish my best friend ‘goodnight’

rinse, refill and reconnect a feeding-tube bag to a newborn without waking her or spilling (sometimes)

lose myself in a dreamy round of goodnight hugs and kisses…

sing a sweet lullaby to my babies


I have also learned that in a single moment, life can change forever in the most unexpected ways with the following words:

Your child has autism.


In less than a moment, you can unexpectedly change someone else’s life with the following words:

I love you.

I understand.


So.  If you can accomplish such things within a tiny, singular moment – imagine what can become of FOREVER.

Is forever enough?

It is when it’s LOVE.


About Rachel Kenyon

Rachel Kenyon is an Aspie, Advocate and single mom of two beautiful babes - The Boy (11) and RM (8). The Boy is a Legomaniac and RM is a kick-ass diva with Autism and 4q Deletion Syndrome. View all posts by Rachel Kenyon

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