Warrior Mamas Unite! Uh-oh, Parents Magazine!

Hello, Parents Magazine!!!…


Like… Autism Awareness Month!!!

Have you not noticed?!?!


An amazing Mama Warrior noticed in her new April issue of Parents Magazine, that there was no mention of autism, or Autism Awareness Month. 

No in-depth articles, early signs of -, living with -, etc.

So she shared that fact with the gang of us Warrior Mamas who decided it was worthy of a smack-down…

Check it out… THIS is what the magazine responded with:

“Hello everyone! We appreciate your feedback and the reminder of the importance of events like Autism Awareness Month. Our April issue does have an item in the Kids Health section about a bed tent for kids with autism and other special needs, and we have focused on autism-related issues several times over the past year in the magazine. In addition, in the weeks leading up to and during April, we will be publishing at least two online-only pieces about parenting children with autism. We take very seriously the importance of raising awareness about autism. We understand that there is always room to improve and are grateful for your suggestions. Thank you again for your feedback.”


And here is the “item” and singular reference to autism in their April 2011 issue:


So, as you can see… this is not acceptable.

Tell Parents Magazine what YOU think about their lack of coverage regarding Autism Awareness Month. 

Email: mailbag@parents.com

Help them to see that it affects ALL of us.


1 in 110.

1 in 88 military kids.

Not less… just different… and not to be ignored.


PS  If you haven’t yet left a comment for The President (of the United States) at Jess’ post… GET ON IT.






About Rachel Kenyon

Rachel Kenyon is an Aspie, Advocate and single mom of two beautiful babes - The Boy (11) and RM (8). The Boy is a Legomaniac and RM is a kick-ass diva with Autism and 4q Deletion Syndrome. View all posts by Rachel Kenyon

11 responses to “Warrior Mamas Unite! Uh-oh, Parents Magazine!

  • Spectrummy Mummy

    Amazing, the bed tent piece is even worse than I imagined in print! I’d be speechless, if I didn’t have so much to say. :-)

  • molly

    Strangely, we have a homemade nickel tent. However, their write-up was lame. I could have written something much better.

  • Cousin Kath

    Ok, say what Rach?? 1 in 88 military families?? You all must have some thoughts this high rate in a specific population?

    • Rachel

      There are varying schools of thought on this one, Cousin… some would say that it is more closely representative of the true national numbers, because 1 in 110 is factoring in all rural communities and the poor – those that likely go undiagnosed due to lack of access to a neurologist, child psych, etc..

      Others would argue the value of exposure to an increased level of environmental triggers or toxins (depending on the expert speaking)… and still others would argue excessive vaccines used on military personnel.

      I will be posting about different theories on this soon.

      Love you, Kath – thanks for reading! xo

      • Spectrummy Mummy


        I’m looking forward to reading your post about this. My husband is with the foreign service, and I’ve noticed (just my observation, not stats here) that there seem to be far more kids on the spectrum in the FS than in the regular population. Also lots of ADD/ADHD and gifted kids. I’ve wondered before what parallels we have with the military community: lots of moving, parents absent for long stretches etc.

        Having said that, we are certain in our case it is genetic. My husband believes certain kinds of people are attracted to these professions.

        Looking forward to reading your take and see what other parallels I can draw. It fascinates me.

      • Rachel

        Absolutely, and thank you.

        Lots of information out there.

        Our daughter was clearly genetically predisposed as she was born with a rare chromosome syndrome, as well as I have a nephew on the spectrum.

        Thanks so much for your interest… and God Bless you and your family’s service to your country.

      • Cousin Kath

        I’m sorry… I wrote my response below Cousin! Lol!

      • Cousin Kath

        I think I need to get it straight – where to write! LOL!!!

  • Cousin Kath

    Sorry… that was not a comment on Parents Mag – I was just taken aback by that stat! My guess is Parents mag knows their target — more autistic parents reading and commenting online than buying hard copies. The shame in that is it likely results in less understanding and compassion (which at the very least is necessary for gaining necessary resources)… and more in segregation. :/

  • Cousin Kath

    Hm, interesting Rach. I (always) hate to say it, but vaccinations – even in consideration of genetics or negative environmental ‘hits’ – could also play a role. I’d imagine the military families and have more requirements and better access to them too? (Some live virus vaccines can be shed and shared, so it wouldn’t nec need to be the mom who was vaccinated).

    Spectrummy Mummy, HI, I just wanted to add that sometimes what is diagnosed as ADD is really just a quality of personality style. I bet there are a lot of Artisan-temperament types attracted to the military and they are sometimes mistaken as ADD. (If you are interested in that sort of thing ~ I love David Kiersey’s Please Understand Me II. You can take his online personality quiz, but you won’t get nearly as much info after as the book offers ~ although you could probably piece together a lot from the Internet). :)

  • Jennie K. Diller-Daniels

    really, that’s what they think is acceptable for even mentioning something would be great for a child with autism? that’s barely blurb, and very tasteless. where’s the testimony that it works? also, 2 online only articles, ooh color me impressed—NOT!

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