Now What?


So.  Um.  I have taken today ‘off’.

I don’t really know what that means or where it will take me, but I’m sure going to enjoy it.  I think.

You see – after fighting for so long and for so many things – I just don’t know what else there is right now.  It’s going to take some time to figure that out.  And a cruise.  I think it’s going to take a cruise somewhere in there, too.

Thank you to everyone that walked alongside me and my family on the journey of the last year – through a deployment, a diagnosis, a battle for justice and the resulting victory yesterday. 

Autism sucks. 

But the village that surrounds us in our daily life with autism is a gift.  By village — I mean EVERYONE who takes a moment to ask how things are going, each fellow Warrior Mama who’s getting it done, the fathers that soldier on in support of their families and especially the childhood pals that cut blue puzzle pieces out of construction paper and tape them to their front door.

I am grateful.  I love you all and I am so blessed.

See you when I get back from a ‘day off’ – whatever the hell that means!




About Rachel Kenyon

Rachel Kenyon is an Aspie, Advocate and single mom of two beautiful babes - The Boy (11) and RM (8). The Boy is a Legomaniac and RM is a kick-ass diva with Autism and 4q Deletion Syndrome. View all posts by Rachel Kenyon

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