Right About Now

I am unusually adrift. 

Not in the manner you may be thinking.  I am literally adrift.  On a big freaking boat out in the ocean.  I believe the proper term is ‘ship’ as it is much larger than a boat.  But I am a rather simple creature, so to me it is just a boat. 

I am probably on my third or fourth drink of the day as you are reading this.  Yes, even if it is before noon.  On this boat it is permanently five o’clock for all intents and purposes.  

I am adrift with a fellow Warrior Mama.  She is my partner in crime on this cruise.  She has earned this departure from reality just the same.  Her son attends school with RM.  It’s been a long road to hell and each of us are just now finding our way back.  Screw Holland – I swear I was dropped in the jungles of Vietnam circa 1968.  Having survived is one thing.  The effects of such battles are everlasting.


We will be adrift for a few more days. 


Far, far from the Island of Reality.  


There is more than enough time to live in the moment on this boat, and this moment was a long time coming.  


See you later, my friends. 




Oh, and CHEERS, of course! 




About Rachel Kenyon

Rachel Kenyon is an Aspie, Advocate and single mom of two beautiful babes - The Boy (11) and RM (8). The Boy is a Legomaniac and RM is a kick-ass diva with Autism and 4q Deletion Syndrome. View all posts by Rachel Kenyon

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