‘Appointment’ is a Four-letter Word

Someday, perhaps as I drift through the pearly gates in the EZ-pass lane, I will get the answer to one of my most burning questions: Why the hell is it that a single task requiring a single phone call to schedule a single appointment can be the most crippling and insurmountable undertaking for some of the most brilliant, capable women on the planet?  I am talking about myself herePardon me if my Snark font is broken. 

I have a ‘to-do list’ like everyone else.  It’s rather large like everyone else’s.  There is nothing too ridiculously overwhelming on that list of mine, unless you count ‘reshaping the world’ a remarkable goal.  I mean really, I would consider a federal bill to make autism therapies accessible for military families a rather cool objective to check off my list. 

I digress. 

I am pretty confident that I am not alone in my quest for an answer to the above.  I have met many incredible women who accomplish more in an hour than most do in a lifetime.  I surely wish I was so motivated.  However, there are these minor tasks on our lists that still manage to elude a great number of us – scheduling appointments.  

Maybe it’s the commitment implied by the word ‘appointment’.  Maybe it’s the going-to and hearing-about-that-too that we are avoiding. 

Lord knows RM has seen her share.  Those first two years were exhausting and we met more docs than I ever care to count again.  When you are claiming hospital parking fees on your taxes, you’ve been to ‘lots of appointments’. 

So I found out yesterday that RM hadn’t been to the eye doctor in three years.  The sheer guilt was motivation enough for me to sit down today and go through the list of specialists she is overdue to see.  Crap.  Neurology.  Cardiology.  Gastroenterology.  Plastics.  Orthopedics.  All overdue. 

Maybe when the everyday is fought so hard for just to get through it, then the rest seems like gravy.  Is it urgent that she see these docs tomorrow?  Well, not really.  Is it important?  Certainly.  

Maybe I just cannot take hearing one more time that my daughter needs something else

I made two phone calls today.  I scheduled neurology for tomorrow thanks to a last-minute cancellation and I requested an appointment with the plastics/microsurgery office about her pinkie finger.  

And then I was done.  

Two out of five ain’t so bad. 



About Rachel Kenyon

Rachel Kenyon is an Aspie, Advocate and single mom of two beautiful babes - The Boy (11) and RM (8). The Boy is a Legomaniac and RM is a kick-ass diva with Autism and 4q Deletion Syndrome. View all posts by Rachel Kenyon

11 responses to “‘Appointment’ is a Four-letter Word

  • jess

    Maybe I just cannot take hearing one more time that my daughter needs something else.

    that’s it. right there.

    one step at a time. watch your feet, not the summit.

    love you.

  • Jersey

    You’ll get there. Xo and if it was urgent or something was wrong RM you would have taken her already.

    Love you!!

  • Cristin

    Yup Jess is right “Maybe I just cannot take hearing one more time that my daughter needs something else.” Because you made an appointment when someone called it autism and you made an appointment when someone told you glasses…and sometimes when you have heard so many labels and advice from these appointments, you know you are not crossing something off your to do list you are adding the possibility of someone adding to the load. Always here no matter what the appointment brings…I am with you it is the same reason I don’t look at other schools because when i make the appointment to tour I know it is in a way admitting that autism school is where we will be!

    • Mrs. Sergeant Major

      I know you know. I know you know so well for so many reasons. I know you have watched RM the longest with medical, with education. I know you get it.

      Right there with you touring the schools, Mama. We’ll enjoy a beverage or two after the tour ;0)

  • Amanda @ Confessions From HouseholdSix

    I have a problem with what I call “secretarial tasks.” They’re no hard, just time consuming. Calling for appointments, test results, filling out yet more paperwork, calling to get prescription refills, etc.etc.etc. I don’t know what it is about these things, but some days they wear me down too. I have to wonder if it’s because we have to fight so hard for services that some days we just don’t want to fight and we just want to be?

    We have Kindergarten transition coming up for our younger child. I’m not even sure the school can accommodate his needs reasonably. The agency that oversees kids 3-5 sucks. They’ve already proven that when I had to use the word “illegal” to get them to do what they’re at least required by law to do. I now have to micromanage this transition to make sure it goes how I deem correctly and contact the school district myself, etc.

    • Mrs. Sergeant Major

      Amanda, I think we are feeling the same effects of living this life every day. So many tasks, so much fighting for this and fighting for that. It just gets so tiresome.

      The little things – not always so little in our world.

  • littlemamaundun

    I have a similar problem my son has to go to the pediatric dentist almost 2 hours away to get x-rays on his baby teeth so they can be removed I don’t really get why they can’t remove them without x-rays I’ve been putting it off. He didn’t brush for 2 years all I could get in his mouth was a washcloth no toothpaste and now that he’s brushing regularly there shouldn’t be any more of this once they are out.

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