Autism: The Evolutionary Cure for Bullshit

It’s hard to believe this breakthrough in evolution has been happening right under our noses and yet we just didn’t recognize the gravity and awesomeness of what is really taking place at this critical time in human history. We, the autism community, have been fighting and bullying each other over this label and that, over causes and cures. Folks are terrified of the “tsunami of autism” coming due to the exponential rise in prevalence. But all of that mess is meaningless because autism is the cure.

no bsWhat?! you say? Oh, yes. Let’s explore this phenomenon of human evolution together. And let me preempt the expected onslaught of commenters who think I am crazy because some autistics are not possibly capable of being evolutionary supreme beings – mountains of science has already proven that an average of 90% of human communication is nonverbal.  If you think that autistics who don’t speak are not valid entities in our progress through evolution, you should brush up on your own 90% and recognize that autistics are overachievers in this category who we could learn a crapton from.

First, what is autism? Not the clinical definition, but what autistics actually experience in daily life.  Anyone?

Well, it’s great in a lot of ways when we don’t have to bend, twist, cajole, script, or freak out to try to fit into the neurotypical world. It’s great when we can be ourselves and find others like us who get it.  It’s even better when the lights aren’t too bright, the wind isn’t too harsh, the noises aren’t too loud, the subway isn’t too crowded, clothes don’t feel too tight or too loose or have scratchy tags, and so awesome when we know we can retreat to our safe space if the world around us gets to be too much. We’re usually great at finding what works for us and we do a great job of carving out alone time to regroup and really reflect on our lives. It will be nicer to be more accepted and understood in coming decades (I hope) and of course the increase in prevalence will mean we can feel less alone in our awesomeness. One of the advantages about being autistic is that we can be super focused on getting something really important done.  We don’t get distracted by bullshit.

So what sucks about autism? The bullshit. You see the bullshit of the neurotypical world is what slows everything down. Not just for us, but clearly for everyone. For us it slows down our processing time trying to figure out who is sincere and who is full of shit. We have that thing called “mind-blindness” which means we have a really hard time reading other’s intentions (A.K.A. bullshit). For everyone in general, how satisfied are we with our government? See any bullshit happening there? What about everyday social interactions? Drama? Gossip? Autism just doesn’t compute that shit. We seriously just don’t get it. If there is a task, it needs to be completed. If a friend is in need, you help them and tell them you love them. These are concrete, easy rules to live by – a piece of cake for autistics! But in the neurotypical world, there are “rules” for things that cause people to act in ways we will simply never understand like “waiting periods” to call someone after a date. For me, I have had issues with being seen as arrogant because I didn’t know that I wasn’t supposed to share my knowledge about something when someone was asking about it. See? Isn’t that sentence itself confusing?

If we look back throughout the history of humans, we can draw from it the most simple of virtues by looking at the first tribal societies. Built around family, honor, respect, and responsibility, men and women attracted to each other coupled up, made babies, committed to their children, extended family and village. They worked hard. They had beautiful threads of community strung between every member of their villages through common goals, music, storytelling, and craft. They were happy having nearly nothing but each other.

Take that early, loving essence of man, combine it with the modern intellect and technology we have right this very moment and tell me that an autistic individual isn’t the product of those two most incredible evolutionary movements.

Our autistics today and to come will possess the most advanced technological tools for slingshotting us humans beyond the bullshit and into a future filled with advanced medicine, environmental responsibility, workplace proficiency, and more fun than the kid inside you can possibly imagine. (Think of flying cars and Star Wars Episode XX!) And they will do so for the good of all with big hearts, oodles of empathy, and tagless clothing.

Autism is the evolutionary cure for bullshit.


About Rachel Kenyon

Rachel Kenyon is an Aspie, Advocate and single mom of two beautiful babes - The Boy (11) and RM (8). The Boy is a Legomaniac and RM is a kick-ass diva with Autism and 4q Deletion Syndrome. View all posts by Rachel Kenyon

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