Welcome to StimCity


I am an Aspie, autism mom, loving human, and all-around smartass.

I created StimCity as a welcoming place for those who stim and those who love us.

This is home.

A safe space to share, learn, vent, listen, crack some jokes and kick some ass.

From here we travel the journey of autism with strength, courage, conviction, laughter, tears – and LOVE.


I choose humor.

Why? Because the alternative often sucks and is a waste of energy.

Because I believe we all have a purpose and that purpose changes as we change. It is often inexplicable and scary. And that’s ok.

All of us are who we are meant to be.  Period.  But that doesn’t mean we cannot attempt to make the journey a little easier for everyone.  It doesn’t relieve the responsibility to travel this road with compassion, empathy and an open heart – and an open mind.

Here in StimCity, we cling to three main ideas: HOPE, HEART, and HEALING .

Through the presence of autism and 4q in my life I have learned more than I ever could have without.  I have found a strength I never knew I had within me.  I have met the most amazing, inspiring people who have dedicated themselves to that purpose of paving a better road for others.

I’m a single mom now and my focus is on creating and maintaining a happy, healthy life for my kids.

My mantra is that spoken by the Great Gandhi – I want to be the change I seek in this world. Every day.

So are you with me?  Grab a coffee — a shot of tequila — whatever suits you.

Spend a few minutes with me sharing in this journey.

It’s a wild ride.

Oh, and there are metal chickens and ghost stories.  It’s a good time.



6 responses to “Welcome to StimCity

  • Karen Carney

    OMG! I’m a friend of Annie C and just saw your site. What an amazing gift you have to put this journey into (hilarious) words. I can sooo relate!
    Thank You! Karen

    • Rachel

      Karen – thanks for stopping by! This has been a wonderful journey for me. I am so happy to share it with amazing people like Annie! Hope to see you again!

  • Mike Barrett

    Great to see a fellow military “fighter” out there! Our method is more akin to the AC/DC song, “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.” The lyrics would go something like,”If you’re having trouble with your Special Ed…he’s denying yoouuuu. You want to bash him right across his head…here’s what you gotta do – Pick up the phone, I’m always home…call me anytiiiime.” Lol.
    School districts are marks. My wife and I have taken down 2 already. Glad to be in the fight with you and can certainly relate to having lighthearted fun and a appreciative outlook about it all. If we didn’t our 3 boys on the spectrum would cause insanity X-() :)

    In Advocacy,

    Mike Barrett

  • paula

    HI Rachel,

    I found your site following a link from Diary of a Mom. I’ve enjoyed readind some of your posts. I look forward to reading you in the future.

    Mom of AJ (3 yr old/classic autism)

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