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Military Readiness… Affected by the District Bully

In line with my recent post concerning developments in Libya, and how autism affects military readiness

I had already been fighting the district for months to get them to even acknowledge that RM has autism.  The following letter speaks to the lengths many families must go through to get the most simple of assistance from those that are charged with the responsibility of educating our children appropriately. 

The letter written by our state’s Director of Family Services of the National Guard was sent to our district special education director advocating for permission to videotape our Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting in the SGM’s absence.  He was… um… unavoidably detained elsewhere…

…in Afghanistan.

After weeks of attempting to get the district bully to allow me to tape the meeting, it took less than an hour for the following letter to make it happen…

(HOOAH, Mr. President… yet ANOTHER reason to Light the White House Blue, Sir.)




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