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A Mother’s Day Love Letter


[Editor’s note: I wrote this letter to a very special Warrior Mama a little while back.  It was signed by a group of us Mamas who love her and appreciate all she does for the love of her son.  I share it today with ALL mothers of children who were brought into our lives with added struggles and enormous gifts.  Wishing All a very Happy Mother’s Day today.]


To a Very Special Mother,

Honey, you are never alone.  There are so many of us Mamas – millions we shall never even meet that also fight and fight and fight for their medically fragile child, their child with autism or their child with mental illness.  Sometimes the tsunami of symptoms and overlapping disorders is too much to make sense of and when our baby is suffering, we as mothers suffer a thousand times over.  The helplessness is debilitating.  Now there are two in need of acute care.  What to do?

Mama, you are strong.  You are capable.  You can get through this part of the journey.  Your beautiful child is who he was always meant to be.  There is nothing ‘wrong’ with him.  He has a path to follow as we all do.  His may seem cruel at times and you may wonder endlessly WHY.

Please remember THIS –

Your son CHOSE YOU.  As he drifted into this world filled with love and gifts to share, uniquely challenged but with boundless opportunity of spirit within him – HE CHOSE YOU.  It’s not meant to be easy.  It is sometimes so tiring and so draining.  Though take one look into his eyes and you know – your love will carry him through every struggle and lift him up with every success.  THAT is why he CHOSE YOU.

Step back in those deafening moments of sadness, anger, exhaustion and frustration.  Your son did not choose you for your ability to wish the difficulties away but rather because he knew your heart held enough love to see him through.

You are not alone.  We all support you and we love your son.  His journey and yours may be rough at times but the sweetness of the joyful moments is everlasting.


Your Sister Mamas


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