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Rose Colored Glasses?

Apparently, I am determined to halt time in its tracks.

I have been touting for weeks how great RM is doing in her “new” glasses that she just got about six months ago. *ahem* But as I read THIS I realized yet again that it has really been twice that long since her last eye appointment, and that means the glasses are from A YEAR AGO.


I started wondering why I seem to have such a difficult time with this crap.  From the moment RM was born, we have had appointments for this and that so frequently that I needed a huge schoolhouse-sized dry erase board in my living room to keep track.  But those days slowly faded away as she grew healthier and so faded away my own talent for organization.  I am kind of a mess these days by comparison.

I once had itemized checklists for our three major shopping stores – grocery, wholesale, and Target.  We always had one of everything in stock, we never ran out of anything.  My house was a well-oiled machine and we had real dinners every night.

I am sure I even had a Binder of Women.  [sorry, couldn’t resist]

Anyways, these days we eat whatever is most convenient at the moment because I never remember to take something out of the freezer, we are always out of everything, and me and the dust bunnies high-five as we pass in the hall.

Oh, and those glasses RM got last year? Well, no wonder they are warped and falling apart.

RM in her first pair of glasses. November 2011.

I thought I was being so proactive this time, seeking out a new pair of indestructible glasses for RM because she was now wearing her glasses all day at school.  I was so proud that it only took six months for her to get used to them.  Especially when her ABA program started out praising her for keeping them on for a full minute.

But apparently it has been a year.  A full year.  365 days.  Slowly inching from one minute to two to ten.  Now she wears them fairly consistently.  Never reads without them.

Did I mention she is reading now?

Reading at bedtime. October 2012.

Time sure does fly when wearing rose-colored glasses.

RM’s new sport goggles. 10/16/12.

Cheers, my friends.



I don’t have much time this morning.  I have a dental cleaning for myself in less than an hour. I have four-thousand other things on my to-do-list.  Oh, and I am generally pissed off today. 

So here goes. 

RM had an ophthalmology appointment yesterday.  It had been a while.  Almost three years.  I had no idea.  I knew it had been a while but not three whole years.  RM was born with a whole number of medical issues and one of them was optic nerve hypoplasia (ONH) – small optic nerves.  This can cause blindness, crossing and other vision impairments.  But at her last appointment three years ago *ahem* the doctor had said with confidence that after following her for two years, he felt that her nerves however on the small side did not appear to be of any large concern.  “Let’s just keep on top of it by checking her yearly.”  Sure, if I remember to bring her to you every year. 

Anyways, things looked good.  RM did a phenomenal job throughout a ninety-minute appointment including a 15-minute pause in between for dilating drops.  At the end of the appointment came the shocker.  RM is slightly farsighted.  In other kids her age glasses would not be recommended.  But considering RM spends full days in an ABA program doing sets and tasks up close, we decided glasses for school would be a gamble worth taking.  Maybe she will appreciate them and wear them with ease, maybe she will have nothing to do with them.  I was also warned that sometimes, children in ABA programs who begin to wear glasses for farsightedness will show a temporary improvement in progress – not due to the vision improvement – but because of the praise and focus on the glasses to entice the child to wear them.  Interesting.  

As I handed over my debit card to the optometrist to pay $250 for the adorable purple glasses RM had just picked out, I kept thinking about how ridiculous this ride is sometimes.  And I really, really wanted off

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