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The Situation Room

The news of the death of Osama bin Laden is welcomed here.  As my Sergeant Major and I prepared to turn in for some Zz’s last night, we checked the news channel to get a weather report for today.  We were stunned.

I did not lose a loved one on September 11th, 2001 – though my heart was broken and I would be changed forever with the loss of each and every soul that day.

We all lost so much that stunning September morning.

I lost entire years of time spent with my husband.  I lost sleep worrying for his safety and the safety of our nation – the safety of each of my neighbors and the future my children would face. My children lost so much that day as well.  They missed their father tucking them into bed each night and missed his laughter and his Turbo Hugs.  Daddy missed his son’s giggles and spent many lonely nights sleeping in a tent thousands of miles away while his baby girl slept in a hospital bed.  We all missed each other so much it physically hurt.

While my husband served in Afghanistan against the War on Terror, I spent months in the Situation Room carefully gathering data, assessing threat levels and calculating acceptable loss.  I qualified available assets and carefully exploited what I needed to and when.  No, I am not The Commander in Chief of The United States Armed Forces and my Situation Room may not be located on Pennsylvania Avenue – but I have had my own operations to conduct in my own Situation Room here in Stim City.

With each mission Daddy went on, the Situation Room here was busy, too.  Where SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) were carefully followed to the letter on such missions as traveling hazardous resupply routes to acquire necessary equipment and sustenance.  Taking a toddler and his baby sister with tubes and pumps attached to the grocery store without incident.  The coordination of the simplest of things such as attending a preschool concert were impossible and quickly eliminated and categorized as ‘acceptable losses’ in the bigger picture of operations.  So were such things as pedicures and Girls’ Night Out.

Because of the evil that exists in this world, the work of our soldiers is never truly done.  However, we celebrate a victory today – not of the death of a miserable monster – but of the renewal of our faith that America indeed stands for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Our freedom is never free, but damn are we blessed that our soldiers do what they do.

To ALL those who serve our country’s military and to the partners, grandparents, family and friends back home who run and assist in The Situation Room – God Bless YOU.

God Bless America.


[Ed note: May 1, 2012. Please watch the video and sign the petition to give military families with children on the autism spectrum the critical treatments currently being denied to our Wounded Warriors and retirees. Thank you.]



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